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Veneers are thin layers of Ceramic/Porcelain that can be fused to the front surfaces of the front teeth to mask stains or cracks. They can in certain cases be used to realign teeth or close gaps.

Veneers are different from Dental Crowns which encase an entire tooth whereas Veneers only cover the front of a tooth. Therefore Veneering removes less of the original tooth material than a crown.

Veneers may not be suitable for you if you have unhealthy or weak teeth which do not have enough tooth enamel or if you grind your teeth.

The use of Veneers will depend on a large number of factors that can only be assessed by your dentist when you come for a consultation.


Crowns are protective covers that are fitted over an existing tooth that has been specially shaped to receive it. This can be appropriate for damaged, broken or worn teeth. Full Ceramic Crowns are strong, stain resistant and aesthetically nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth.

However, Crowns are not necessarily the first treatment of choice when looking to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. This is because a significant portion of the original tooth needs to be removed in preparation for the Crown. Less invasive alternatives such as Veneers or Dental Bonding can be used with strong healthy teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Teeth are held in the jaw by their roots.

At the core of each tooth is a soft mass of tissue called the pulp. In a healthy tooth, the pulp contains living fibres, cells, nerves and a blood supply, extending into the root(s) through the root canal(s).

Tooth decay or injury can destroy the living pulp. Dead pulp is more prone to infection, leading to an abscess and toothache.

This can usually be dealt with successfully by root canal treatment( also known as root filling or endodontics). Sometimes infection can persist at the end of a tooth root, in the surrounding bone. in this case, you may have to have the tooth removed or as a last resort an operation( apicectomy ) may be carried out to remove the infection in the bone.

Regular examinations mean that your dentist can spot problems and correct them early before the treatment becomes complicated eg. root canal treatment.

- A Premolar root filling ( 1 single root canal )

- A Molar root filling ( 4 root canals )

Referral Services

1) Dental Implants ( Screws into Jaw bone)

- An Implant ( screw ) + Crown
        ( Typical cost £2500)

2) Orthodontic ( Braces )

3) Lower impacted Wisdom Teeth

4) Very Complicated Molar Endodontics

5) Apicectomy

6) Advanced Gum Disease (  Advanced Periodontitis )

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