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Cosmetic Treatments1

Case 1

Replacement of an old Amalgam filling


a modern direct tooth coloured composite filling.
Typical cost £35-£68

                                                       Case 2

Worn down incisal edge of front teeth due to clenching or grinding

Front teeth restored by high quality All Ceramic Crowns/Veneers.Typical cost £395 - £495 per tooth.

Case 3

Congenital enamal defect or tetracycline staining

Cheaper option using Porcelain Crowns/ Veneers.
Typical cost £250 - £295 per tooth

Case 4

Gappy teeth, mispositioned tooth and
to change the overall colour of your teeth.

Extraction of mispositioned tooth.
Finished with high quality Ceramic Crowns/Veneers and  a Bridge to replace missing tooth.Typical cost as case 2

Case 5 - Using combination of Crowns/ Veneers to achieve a happier smile.

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